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    —  Enter the Risense

    Build a Chinese brand leading the progress of the global car washing machine industry

    Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010 and is a high and new tech enterprise which sets R &D,Production, sales, service in one scale. We are specialized in manufacturing the high-end intelligent car wash machine. Now we have more than 400 staff and  the workshop area of 26000 square meters. The production scale and the sales volume at home and abroad are ranked in the forefront.

    —  Risense interview

    Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co.,ltd passed the final assessment of the organizing committee of the programme and wash listed into the key supported enterprises by the virtue of unique business style and solid market development ability. Later, the chairman of Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co.,Ltd,Mr.Liyu Hu will be invited to join the CCTV interview and discuss the development and management ways of the enterprises with the hosts. 

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    • Rising China
    • Quality
    —  Products

    There are many kinds of car washing equipment, which can meet the needs of customers' one-stop purchase

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    After sales service advantages


    At present, Risense’s after-sales service team has more than 120 staff in 24 after-sales service center across the country so that 100% response can be achieved at home. And our after-sales service staff can arrive at the customer’s site within 8 working hours. 

    Risense intelligent after-sales service platform makes the remote diagnosis and maintenance of the equipment come true. The information of equipment maintenance and failure will be transmitted to the service center of the information platform or to the phone of the maintenance personnel. At the same time, the spare parts of the machine can be purchased online which has greatly increased the accuracy,convenience and timeliness of our after-sales service.

    —  News information

    Grasp the dynamic development of the industry and the strengths of enterprises

    Phone:0532-80987716 / 400-718-8186
    Address:Xin'an Industrial Park, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, China
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